Salesbuilder Quick Tour


The Salesbuilder Air application contains configuration for connecting to your LiveCycle Data Services server. The shipping configuration uses "localhost" in the channel endpoints. If you are attempting to connect to a remote LiveCycle Data Services server you must edit config.xml in the salesbuilder installation directory and configure the endpoints for the remote server.

Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline features many "direct manipulation" options:
  1. Grab the background of the chart with your mouse and scroll it left and write to navigate along the time axis.
  2. Grab a vertical grid line, and move it left and right to zoom-out/zoom-in.
  3. To modify your pipeline directly, grab a bubble with your mouse and move it up and down or left and right to adjust the probability and the expected closing date respectively. The projected revenue is automatically updated in the chart title. When you release the mouse button, the opportunity is automatically updated (probability and close date) in the database.
  4. You can also double click a bubble to open a details view for the opportunity.

Search and Summary Screens

  1. Type a few letters in the search box (upper right corner): matching accounts, contacts, and opportunities appear.
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate in the search results popup.
  3. Use the Enter key to open the selected item.
  4. Alternatively, you can also open the summary screens ("Accounts", "Contacts", and "Opportunities" buttons in the menu bar), and open individual items from there.

Note: The "Recent Activity" feature of the Summary Screens is not implemented in this version.

Working with Data

  1. Open the "Alpha Corp" account.
  2. Make some changes to the Alpha Corp data (for example, change the phone number), and click "Save".
  3. In the Contacts view of the Alpha Corp tab, you can grab an org chart item with your mouse and move the org chart around.
  4. To open the details view for a contact, either double-click an org chart item or click the Grid button (lower left corner) and double-click a contact in the datagrid.
  5. Add a contact by clicking "Quick Contact". Make sure you select a manager, click save and notice that the org chart is updated automatically.
  6. Continue to add and modify accounts, contacts, and opportunities. The data is persisted using the Data Management Service.

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